About us

We come from Vicenza, in the northeast of Italy, but we fell in love with Puglia for the kindness of people and its unspoiled nature.

When we first arrived here and wondered how this place could be, our dream was to create an oasis of peace and quiet, suitable for a relaxing vacation as it was deep in the countryside but, at the same time, just a short distance by car from the most famous beaches of the area.

Tenuta terra del sole now consists of two separate buildings: the trullo and the villa. The trullo is an ancient building, originally a shelter for shepherds and animals, completely build with stones. You can see what was this place just in 2010 in this article about the trullo. Now it’s been completely renovated and restored.

The villa is a new house. It has been built taking great care of the natural landscape and following Itaca’s protocol for sustainability. This protocol fixes rules for buildings, such as having solar panels for hot water, setting the rooms’ position in order to obtain maximum light and minimum energetic expenditure and defining size and colors of doors and windows, etc.

Inside the park there are more than one hundred olive trees that produce around 500 liters of olive oil per year.

Finally, at Tenuta Terra del Sole we wished to add something about our native place, that once upon a time was worldwide famous for painted ceramics. You can see above this page the wonderful hand-worked tile decoration that you find on the outside table and on the sitting place of the porch. Thanks to Adriana and Monica for this precious work.