The restoration of the trullo: how it was and what is now

When we first arrived here part of the trullo was wrapped by trees and small bushes, the roof was collapsed and an olive tree was standing inside the ruins. On the entrance door there was an engraved sign saying 1871. During restructuring work this building gave us a couple of interesting surprises: we found out a hidden room that couldn’t be noticed at a first look because a climbing bush was completely covering the entrance. Inside this room we also found out an old fireplace, with a still working chimney! This room has been now turned into a kitchen. In a second small room we discovered an ancient in-ground water tank that we turned into a in-ground shower (as you can see on the photo shooted from above).

Inside the round structure of the Trullo now there’s a double room. Next to it, inside the structure that once had the roof collapsed,  now there’s the living room.